I see how the bird can represent us. The wings represents Holy Spirit, Our Father and Jesus Christ. Without The Holy Spirit we cannot know Our Father or Jesus Christ. Like wings carry the bird so too does The Holy Spirit.

The branch that breaks is seen to the flesh as struggles while in the world, but to the Spirits born of Spirit, that branch breaking reflects the endurance of dying to our flesh that breaks chains. We endure. We become disturbed.

But just like the bird relying upon their wings, we rely upon the holy spirit within who carries us to safety, and rest just as the wings of the bird do for them. 🙂


Spirit vs. Legalism (Inspired by Gospel of Peace)

In seeking The Gospel of Peace, I have found, and so now desire to share a perspective of the spirit on this gospel through my witnessing, for they who are seeking Spirit.

The challenge in sharing any truths in spirit through the flesh remaining in us all is all of us have different flesh remaining.  The separation of spirit and flesh has grown so greatly in recent years that I know it is impossible to speak truth in hopes of bringing comfort to the blind or lukewarm. There is no hope for the blind. There is no hope for the lukewarm. I sense it in the separation, and it aligns with what Jesus, Yahushua speaks about the blind leading the blind into the Lake of Fire, and also that He will Spit Oit Of His Mouth The Lukewarm, as He would rather them be Hot or Cold.  In knowing truth through receiving it, not by flesh but by Spirit, I am worthy of witnessing to this division while alive, not because I am Righteous but because Righteousness has grown in me. The one who is Righteous is the one living within us, who is known as The Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost, The Advocate, The Comforter and IS THE NEW HEART. IT IS HE WHO WITNESSES THROUGH US WHILE ALIVE. And it’s through His eyes and ears that I know how no man can remove veils to gift anyone to see or hear in any way but including The Gospel of Peace.

I share to set the motion of Spirit into flesh through spirit, even though veils remain that will block many from receiving the truths I am planting not to teach but to comfort brethren also seeking, particularly in Gospel of Peace.  There is a Power in Speaking Spirit Truths that goes beyond our flesh blind perspective. But when Truth is spoken, it plants itself into the hearts of those, and will begin to grow in the right season, and so why we speak despite living in a world condemning, persecuting and hating against us. Just because it cannot see or hear right now today, doesn’t mean there is no hope they won’t grow into hearing and seeing tomorrow.

As many are growing to witness with spirit eyes and ears, we live in a world that denies Spirit while proclaiming at the same time in flesh with the flesh of being a seeker of Spirit. It’s hypocrisy at its finest, and most unsettling to the Spirit Truth Seekers, for nothing tastes so foul in thy mouth than witnessing lovers of flesh that is blind while they profess they can see and hear.   I speak about what I receive through my personal witnessing. I speak not to boast myself or condemn anyone, not even the blind but just simply and truly to speak what I am taking in through the Spirit pathway that is Spirit Seeking.

In The Gospel of Peace, there are moments that I hear His Voice. His Voice is Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, and to the chosen, Yahushua Ha Mashiach.  Despite hearing His Voice, I also witness where His Voice is not, even in the words He speaks.  For those born of spirit, you know what I speak about.  A gospel such as this, has been hidden, for a reason.  It is meaty in spirit as God does not want any believer too young in spirit to choke on the meat so kept it from the world through allowing Constantine and others to separate in their fleshly effort of power and greed but to God and by God’s Will, He hid away gospels/texts such as these, until the end of time had come for the chosen to begin feeding upon meat so as to grow into Children, and then begin planting seeds for the Gentiles, like fishers of men.

THIS GOSPEL MUST SOLELY BE SEEK’D by those led by God Himself, for a believer not yet a child will choke and so die in spirit due to their flesh remaining.  Flesh seeks flesh and so why an infant or a toddler cannot attempt to eat meat until God authorizes or ordains one the gift to recieve. To recieve is to be ready not by our own flesh will but by His Will, God’s Willl that solely grants us to become a Child in Spirit.

For those who not yet ready by God’s Will but through ones own will will seek through curiosity like a rebellious one but this is not being a part of God’s Will. It is outside of God’s Will because it is flesh driven, led. The world professes this however the world does not know Him. But you do, and you also can grow to know Him, personally from WITHIN through seeking Him where you stand today in truth.

I encourage all who thirst for comfort in your seeking to find to please take into thy heart my perspective in Spirit through The Spirit, not meant to scare or discourage you but to inspire you to seek God’s Kingdom wherever you stand right now. Right now matters to God. Wherever one stands in God’s Kingdom. All He cares about is seeking GROWTH, NOT perfection.  So do not allow the remaining flesh in self to strive for too high of heights, but instead JUST BE. Look WITHIN to seek where thy soul right now stands in The Light. Allow the doubt to be transformed into a thirst for seeking so as to grow vs allowing doubt or fears of not having yet received overcome thy spirit and so stunt the spirits growth or potential.  An infant does not begin walking as a toddler except but through nurturing. For a season or seasons, an infant must be nurtured with milk so to grow him stronger and prepare him for what is to come, beginning to crawl.  The Nurturing of the Spirit is through God’s Word combined with being led by spirit through our walk in life that is one day at a time, one moment at a time, than we shall receive, not before and not after, but perfectly aligned with God’s Will.  Let go of all fears and doubts and just FOLLOW THE SPIRIT. If you are here reading this, look WITHIN, listen to what He speaks to you. Ask yourself, why were you led here? Seek within. Then follow the pathway that arises within you from your heart.

For those eating meat, you have become Children of God and so are ready, and because you are ready, will be able to understand / perceive what I share in this message.  Remember though, as we seek, we all have veils, some more than others. Do not be discouraged, but instead REJOICE TO BEING GIFTED A SEEKER OF SPIRIT AND TRUTH !! In God’s Kingdom, there is NO FEAR and as spoken to us by Jesus, Yahushua who brings us comfort in truth through John says to us, “the one made perfect in love has NO FEAR, for PERFECT LOVE drives out fear“. (John 4:18)


To all who seek, keep seeking !  Never stop. Let your heart FILL WITH YEARNING, DESIRE TO GROW IN HEARING HIS VOICE WITHIN, SO THAT LIGHT CAN GROW IN A WORLD GROWING DARKER. Fear is darkness. And so is doubt. Trust in Jesus, Yahushua – and He WILL grow you. The more one feeds by spirit, the more one grows. But feed by Spirit, not the flesh.

To get back to my perceiving in spirit of The Gospel of Peace,  I desire to say that I understand dying to our flesh not only encompasses body and mind of being removed from being a part of the world that has little to do with what we eat HOWEVER there will come a season, and I am witnessing as we speak, when Spirit leads some to how what we eat contributes to the war in spirit on our cleanliness or uncleanliness within. Remember, the holy temple is your body. It is not an external building. Those born of Spirit will be able to discern where the legalist layers are, through Spirit following. There is a thin, very fine line called the straight and narrow path that is in every direction, and at every turn, while alive. Only Spirit can lead those born of spirit. Spirit cannot lead the flesh that is dead.

The beauty of this gospel is just like all of God’s word, those who can hear can hear and those who can see can see, but for those who cannot, they seek flesh in a legalist approach for they do not know the ways of the spirit.

I speak to that which I know personally in following Him. He’s been dying me to my body, and then my mind that is flesh through a hidden pathway known as Spirit.  The final pathway is my diet that feeds both my body and mind, which makes so much sense to me so when you mentioned this gospel, I have had it upon my heart to seek it but knew the season had not yet come to take in the teachings as I follow God’s Will, not my own. Then a gentlemen on goggle+ spoke this gospel, and I felt led by Spirit that “it is time”. My time. We must always follow the heart within us guiding us vs following the heart leading others.

Upon reading this gospel, I felt a war break out within me, my flesh and Spirit. As always, I overcome but it’s by the grace of God. I only desire to walk w Him. I have lost all my family and my husband has lost his entire family also. The loss doesn’t come from speaking “I love Jesus” but for allowing the fire to remake us and it’s by being remade that we begin to perceive the world a new and so then speak a new. It’s the growth of perception to Spirit war that actually leads to losing in this world. For my husband and I, we use to be so “well received, well liked” but it’s since my supernatural experience w Jesus that He began feeding me in a way this world does not know so I rejoice that the world hates me. I am a Helper to my husband in Spirit so He naturally grows in Spirit for having a wife as a Helper. He is the Head of House but not in a Pharisee legalist way. Not in God’s Kingdom that is already growing within they who seek God’s Kingdom WITHIN, not externally like the Pharisees of old and of today do. There is an agape love for all, so legalism does not and cannot exist. While we have lost all our past relationships w people, we absolutely rejoice because the chains that have broken are freeing !! It is because the flesh is dying in us, and so the flesh around us also dies away from us, like a falling away or being cut off, removed. And then, new life enters in! While we lose, we also gain. We are gaining godly friends not by our own seeking but by God’s Will of bringing us together. God’s kingdom truly is now, and it’s the season, His children will be growing in coming together. Not the way of the world though. It’s hidden because He gifts those to know the true pathway.

The true gospel is The Good News and it’s because what is happening WITHIN US whom are led by Spirit while living in a world that does not perceive what we can perceive. It’s not lonely. It’s freedom while alive WITHIN.

Coming to this gospel of peace has been a fulfillment to my prayers as I had just asked Him “heal me from all my sickness”. as I said, I was once living w a rare neurological illness that He healed me from. He heals not the ways of world. His ways are inner work within.

I know what we eat actually plays a role in what we think, as eating unclean things open doors of death to enter into us. However, when they who seek truth begin to lose heart and focus upon cleaning the outside of their cup is when danger rises up against the one seeking. I witnessed the spirit layers in gospel of peace just as I have witnessed in all of God’s Word that’s been breathed by Our Father through Him. It is always the same. The Spirit has layers. Layers for the flesh (the blind), and another layer for the believer (the gentile), and even another layer for those born again (the chosen). I know He has great love for the Gentiles however they will waver back and forth into legalism for longer seasons, and more often than not, get lost. Only a Gentiles heart driven to and for Him, by the Spirit will find eternal salvation. And the Good News – many will find this as it is written in Book of Revelations. As for the chosen, they are fed solely by Him and so they follow the Spirit and so can never be lost. They are led by Spirit to seek and so they find. For within them, the desire to just walk w Him is so great that they forsaken the world, one layer at a time led by the spirit and as they do, they witness to His Love for them as well as His Plan through Love for others not chosen but invited, the Gentiles. As for the chosen, they are spirit Israelites just like Jacob who received the name “Israel” for wrestling w God – WITHIN. Finding Him is WITHIN, and so is the journey back to Our Father.

As for sickness that plagues all, in some way or another, the sickness we grow is directly proportional to God calling us back to Him. The illness I had created an avalanche of other illness. If I did not seek Him, I would be dead, over 12 years ago. But for 10 years, there was a dying to my flesh that I was not consciously aware of that had to take place before I began to receive direct supernatural feeding by Him. There is a process back to Our Father through JC. Unfortunately many of the people I know as friends today, I call friends because I care deeply for them, but they are continuing to die due to not following Him solely in Spirit. Fruits are produced to witness the truth in spirit where people are feeding from, the good tree or bad tree. There are many w this rare illness who do the ways of the world of dying to flesh by seeking w their intellect through other flesh’s intellect but flesh is dead and so because they seek dead, they grow in death. They wonder why they never heal. It fills me with sorrow, for if they let go of the world, and just turned to Him, they would be healed just as I was healed and continue to be healed. This plague of many plagues is everywhere! The plagues are within, and come in all different forms that take down the body through the mind seeking flesh. The doorway is flesh seeking flesh. The life is in spirit seeking spirit. The true plague is continually choosing man and not God even when they proclaim it’s God behind the healing through man. So many are legalists in their hearts and legalists Jesus condemns greatest. Look at the Pharisees. Jesus came to bring fire to the world and peace WITHIN. Many would never have the ability to hear gospel of peace and receive by God due to what’s hidden in their hearts that are wicked. So in God’s great plan that happened through Constantine separating gospels from the four, God’s purpose is working out just perfectly, for children of God trying to eat meat when they haven’t grown on the milk would choke them.

For me the gospel of peace has fulfilled a new pathway, as I have remaining issues and deficiencies from my illness so taking in gospel of peace actually led me to see His plan for me personally on my path, to stop eating meat and drinking coffee. This is my first step into creating more cleanliness in my body through food I eat. When Jesus says One who enters God’s Kingdom must not eat anything by external fire, I know Jesus’s heart because He lives in me and all Jesus cares about is “growth”. We will never be perfect and so that’s where legalism exists hidden in gospel of peace, just as its hidden in all God breathed inspired Words that give us life. The danger to they who seek truth is if they are not led by Spirit than they will entertain legalism and so lose what little they had due to placing such great emphasis upon washing the outside of the cup vs allowing God to lead us so He can wash the inside of the cup, all through following Him, our heart (the new heart).

In saying the above, I am so grateful to have arrived at gospel of peace. It’s breaking chains even deeper within as I am comforted with fruits beared, as no fruit is beared through fear and fear is legalism.

IT IS LOVE WITHIN THAT GROWS US, not perceived love externally around us. WE LOVE BECAUSE WE WERE LOVED FIRST, not this world nor man who proclaims they love Jesus, but INSTEAD, love growing WITHIN. Do not do what the Pharisees do and still do today all across the world turning good into evil and evil into good. Do not seek fleshly things and call it good.  Do not get caught in legalism, for there you will find fear while legalism says it will go away by resisting, avoiding. This is a lie. This is NOT dying to the flesh by seeking the flesh. Flesh seeking only brings greater assurance of death. Seek the SPIRIT AND FILL UP IN PEACE just as Jesus, Yahushua promised those who seek Him with all thy heart. Ask and ye shall recieve. Knock and the door shall open.

Let Love, Divine Love within that comes from above move mountains through the mustard seed within you, so that fear lessens and when it does, eyes and ears to perceive will grow to witness how LEGALISM IS THE GREATEST ENEMY TO JESUS CHRIST, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Legalism plagues the first layer in Gospel of Peace. Take in. Take to heart. Seek to find. Walk in thy spirit to grow in spirit to be set free.  While alive.

Jesus Tapped My Pineal Gland

Yes, it’s true. Please don’t write me off. All I ask is for others to LISTEN WITH AN OPEN MIND AND HEART for those who know me KNOW I AM NOT crazy and they KNOW MY HEART IS GOOD. Please just hold tight and allow my spiritual experiences to give you something to think about. That’s all I ask, just think, consider.

In The Secret Book of John, the truth is spoken that all people have drunk the water of forgetfulness and exist in a state of ignorance. Some are able to overcome ignorance through the Spirit of life that descends upon them. These souls “will be saved and will become perfect,” that is, escape the round of rebirth. John asks Jesus what will happen to those who do not attain salvation. They are hurled down “into forgetfulness” and thrown into “prison”, the Gnostic code word for new body. The only way for these souls to escape, says Jesus, is to emerge from forgetfulness and acquire knowledge. A soul in this situation can do so by finding a teacher or savior who has the strength to lead her home. “This soul needs to follow another soul in whom the Spirit of life dwells, because she is saved through the Spirit. Then she will never be thrust into flesh again.”

Mark 4:11-12 “He [Jesus] told them, ‘The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!'”

Mark 4:11-12 He [Jesus] told them, ‘ The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!'”

1 Corinthians 2:7 “No, we speak of God’s secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began.”
“So then, men ought to regard us as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the secret things of God.”

1 Corinthians 2:7 “No, we speak of God’s secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began.”

I have included a response I made on an article below about my personal and spiritual experience with Jesus.

This is my first time coming across anything about pineal gland since a spiritual experience 8 months ago that has profoundly changed me from WITHIN. It’s a very sacred, precious and intimate moment for me so I hope others will be respectful with open minds as well as loving even if unbelieving.

I was sleeping when I began to feel something tapping me on my forehead, place between my eyes. It felt like the placement of where we say our third eye resonates. As I opened my eyes, this tapping continued. I saw NOTHING BEFORE ME OR ABOVE ME with my physical eyes. The tapping continued and yet nothing was there. The tapping was stern yet gentle and loving. It was the sternness like a serious effort of tapping that didn’t last long, maybe 10 seconds yet remains in my memories so vivid and profound. The number of taps was about 5 or so but they were very fast and repetitive so I am not sure exactly how many taps there were. I remembered feeling immense peace and knew instinctively it was Jesus. How I knew this, I don’t know? I was never participated in religion nor ever read a bible before this experience. After this experience however it has changed me, and my life. I began that very day picking up the bible and studying it as well as anything I could get my hands on about Jesus (and 3months in, began studying the lost gospels at Nag Hammadi Library). At first, these gospels frightened me because even though I was spiritual I have a dad who has been greatly influential in my spiritual growth since I was in my teens. He didn’t believe Jesus was God only a prophet, and yes he believes in the Old Testament so I struggled greatly with the lost gospels. I would study them and than run from them in horror and than Jesus would keep bringing me back as now I know, He was helping me overcome things inside myself so that I could see and hear the truth. Of course, earlier on, I didn’t know this. All I could think and feel was I HAVE TO KNOW JESUS, EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. what I later learned is that Jesus needed me to turn away from fear, and the more I faced the error and illusions, in these past 8 months, the more error and illusion I would begin to see in my daily life as well as in others. Then finally I began dreaming dreams that confirmed my time had arrived and so I went back to the lost gospels for probably the fifth time. This time was different. I felt no fear, only peace which was so strange because once again I overcome. Again! I have always been an overcomer. Always. But this overcoming was incomprehensible!!!! Impossible if not for something from a Higher Source, Jesus.

A few days after the tapping, 8 months ago, I saw a vision of a door glowing, radiating along the door. I searched everywhere for truth in this vision however every scripture at that time (before lost gospels) bible always spoke about an OPEN DOOR. My door was not open. It was just a door that had glowing light coming from behind it. For 8 months, I had put this “door” into the back of my mind because my spirit knew it was important and what I had found wasn’t matching my spirit in truth so I just waited patiently for the unveiling. just this week, it came, the truth. I had a dream about a scripture. Although, I couldn’t read the words w my eyes. My spirit interpreted. What my spirit picked up was that god of Israel, Old Testament is demuirge god and one of the archons we must pass through to get to Heaven. I woke with affirmation that also aligned perfectly with what I had been studying that week about god of Israel being a false god. Next, mind blowing, difficult explain unveilings poured into my mind. As I moved along through them, I grew in awareness. Anyhow, my experiences brought me to your page, this page today where I am reading my own experience in spirit and felt in physical. I can find nothing about anyone having an experience like I had that doesn’t involve meditation or self tapping the forehead. These are the only experiences I have come across but they don’t align with my experience so I feel very alone. Has anyone heard of spirit doing the tapping? If not, why would Jesus select me? What is so special about me?

Jesus has saved me from a rare illness and many others to follow. He changed me and healed me. I have been 8years in remission with a rare illness that I should have died 9years ago from. Anyhow, my pops always told me that I was saved for a reason but however lovely that sounds, it’s difficult to comprehend. I often think about the events, conflicts, works of service during the time of the tapping which I knew in that moment was REBIRTH WHILE IN THE FLESH as I changed in a blink of an eye. Things I struggled with a day prior with, no longer phased me. My entire family has taken notice even creating a believer out of my kids and fiancĂ© to Jesus. Although, they have been extremely irritated with me for these 8 months as I can’t do anything but think, feel, study, analyze – breathe Jesus. I have taught them things I would never have been previously able to know, and I’m just talking about REASON, LOGIC. The things I have learned since the tapping has saved my family and because of the work Jesus has done through me, He is also able to do MIRACULOUS WORKS in my family.

I feel so alone on this world now, a world I hate to be in. This is what the journey has done to my spirit. I never knew this would happened, of course, who could? There is nothing written about this type of spiritual experience. Only few know about it and they are Disciples in lost gospels, the lost gospels that nearly EVERYONE REJECTS AS HERESY. Wondering why me, I do recall telling Jesus I would give up everything for Him. And told Him I wanted to Follow Him EVERYWHERE. However, this came AFTER the tapping so that can’t be the reason He tapped me.

The crazy thing is that in eight months, I have SEEK JESUS AND FOUND HIM. The unveilings never cease, they are continuos. All I do is wake up and the passion lives in me. I go to bed and it remains so that I can dream about Jesus. I rarely remember dreams any more except certain ones like I mentioned here. However, I often wake up from sleep knowing Jesus was teaching me. I assume, these things are being stored in my subconscious so I don’t fret and just continue FOLLOWING HIM. I know Jesus deeply, I can’t explain the depth. No words can express what it is that my spirit wants so desperately to express. Simply stated, I just know Him, His Heart and Character as though it were mine. I can spot Jesus in anyone as I can also spot the antichrist in anyone. I can see deception a mile away now, coming and going. I have definitely progressed into some conscious awakening and despite the great struggle of loneliness the lost gospels talk about, I wouldn’t give Him up for anything nor anyone. He is just so worth it. I just wish I knew of someone, somewhere who has experienced what I have experienced or at least knew what it’s all about. The crazy wild part about this adventure is I am learning few know it. It’s not scary but it is again, lonely. And as I continue onward on this path, the farther away I become with others. They don’t necessarily know but I do. I feel a wall growing between me and the world. The larger this wall grows, the more I feel disconnected and just struggle to understand how to fit into the world when I hate it yet I love people, yet I hate the ignorance and their choosing darkness over the light. I fill more with anger as it feels like I’m walking around with the most magnificent secret and NO ONE WILL HEAR ME! What is soooo strange about this feeling is that I felt it as a kid. Never knew why? Guess I was for seeing my future? Another thing I always knew when I was a kid is that this was my last life. I knew at 16years old, I am never coming back, I’m done. I always thought this “matter of fact” mental state is what drew me into living life from a spiritual state, however, I now consider I already knew at different level of an unveiling, my existence in the cosmos? I don’t know and I also don’t know I am sharing all this on this page?! I just know I wish others could understand what it’s like to really know Jesus. TO KNOW HIM. FEW, if any, really do. And it breaks my heart for them and for Jesus, and the mission, the purpose He came for, to help each of us BE THE LIGHT IN THE WORLD!!!

“Watch and pray that you may not be born in the flesh, but that you may leave the bitter bondage of this life.” (Book of Thomas the Contender)

“When you see your likeness, you are happy. But when you see your images that came into being before and that neither die nor become visible, how much you will bear!” (Gospel of Thomas)

DISCERNMENT vs judgment

What Is Discernment?
by Carolyn Brock

Discernment is one way we connect with God. Discernment is not just a series of steps we take to seek direction from God (although it can involve this). It is not a new program from International Church Headquarters or a replacement for other ministries and programs. Discernment incorporates principles and processes from Covenant Discipleship Groups and Listening Circles, as well as other aspects of Christian spirituality.

Discernment and the Spiritually Formed Disciple

Discernment is one part of spiritually centered discipleship that opens us to God’s movement in our lives. It flows out of a larger commitment to yield our attention, agendas, and actions to God.

Discernment is an ongoing process; a stance toward life. A discerning disciple has the attitude or intention to seek the presence, wisdom, and compassion of the Spirit at all times and in all dimensions of life.

Discernment fits within a broader pattern of ongoing spiritual formation and discipleship development. This pattern is set in motion in our lives when we wake up to our longing for God’s peace and healing and decide to follow Jesus’ way of discerning and doing God’s will.

Discernment and the Transformative Model of Jesus

The deepest, widest circle of meaning for our lives is God’s dream of beauty and wholeness for the Creation (Zion, Shalom, Sacred Community). Jesus was “captured by” God’s transformative vision. He relied on continuous relationship with God’s Spirit as he touched, healed, proclaimed, confronted, and invited. Jesus’ redemptive ministry was discerned and empowered by a pattern of letting the Spirit breathe through him, shaping his identity and being. Jesus took time to listen to the Voice; to be fed and informed by Spirit’s wisdom through prayer, solitude, silence, and scripture reflection.

The Spirit is promised as the source of wisdom, healing, and compassion for our lives and ministry. Jesus’ model of transformation is to yield the whole self to God and listen to (discern) the way the Spirit wants to form us into new people. This is the way we get new hearts, new eyes, and new identities as God’s beloved ones and Christ’s friends. This is the way we become disciples. Disciples become disciples through the transforming influence of the Spirit on their bodies, minds, and spirits. Discernment is a process of staying open to transformation through inner and outer rhythms of the Christian spiritual life.

Discernment and the Rhythms of the God-Shaped Life

Jesus gave himself completely to becoming the form of God; living the God-shaped life. He used both receptive and active spiritual practices to discern and obey God’s will. Receptive spiritual practices help us create an open, quiet place in which to hear what God may want to say to us. Silence, solitude, listening prayer, reverent attention and trust all help open the Deep Self to discerning the voice and touch of Spirit. Active spiritual practices are a response to discernment. We hear and obey. Like Jesus, we carry the word and touch of Spirit into acts of kindness, healing, justice, and proclamation. And as we go we continue to listen, observe, and pay attention. We keep our eyes, ears, and hearts open to what Spirit may be trying to do in the midst of our ministry; our life; the lives of others.

As we follow the Jesus way and live the God-shaped life, discernment becomes a way of being. Discernment as a spiritual discipline is supported by other spiritual practices that keep the rhythm of receptive and active spirituality alive and in harmony with the Spirit.

A Holistic Approach to Discernment

Discernment is one strand in the fabric of our discipleship. It cannot be picked out and practiced without the surrounding support of personal and corporate spiritual practice or relationships and communication within the faith community. As we begin to explore discernment in Community of Christ it is important to remember how it is connected to the larger context of spiritual formation and discipleship development. The next two sections summarize things to remember before beginning discernment work and principles for engaging in discernment.

Things to Consider Before Beginning Discernment

  • Discernment is one part of integrated spiritual formation and discipleship development.
  • Healthy discernment takes place as we open to the transformative movement of the Spirit in our journey as disciples
  • Engaging in holistic spiritual formation will increase our ability to listen and our desire to discern.


Discernment is an ongoing attitude and practice of Christian spirituality.
Specific, structured discernment processes are used to discern God’s will at particular points of need in which we desire to align our lives and ministry more fully with God’s purposes.
Discerning what it is we need to discern is a critical part of the discernment process. Getting clear about the question is an important first step.
Discernment does not take place in a neat, orderly, linear fashion. We may find ourselves being drawn back to scripture or pulled once more into silent prayer as we stay open to God during the discernment process.
Discernment includes head, heart, spirit, and body work. We think and speak, we listen and wait, we feel and are moved, we have physical sensations and responses. It is a whole person process.
Discernment is based on the trust that God is the Source of all we are and are trying to do. God is the One who already knows what we are seeking and wants to communicate with us. Letting God be larger, wiser, and greater than us is a key shift in our awareness. We think we know this and then find ourselves still trying to figure it out in our own minds or worrying about finding the one true solution.
Intentional Group Discernment usually incorporates attention to the following components:
Setting a context of openness to the Spirit and maintaining that focus
Inviting participants to set aside personal agendas, conflicts, and preconceived ideas about the outcome. This is called “Holy Indifference” and does not mean we don’t care but rather that we trust God to know more than we do and are willing to let go of the answers we already have.
Getting clear about the question to be discerned
Reviewing and sharing relevant history and background related to the issue or question
Reflecting on gospels
Intentional times of silent reflection and receptive listening
Use of spiritual practices that encourage reflection and listening. These may include silence, journaling, lectio divina (reflective reading of scripture), imaging, centering prayer/breath prayer, and other disciplines.

Open, honest, non-judgmental sharing of insights and awarenesses that come out of reflection times. Listening and relational skills are critical at this point. All should be heard and listen with careful, respectful attention.
Art, music, movement, or poetry may also be used to open the creative, intuitive gifts of the group to the impress of the Spirit. Insight may come in word, image, color, shape, sound that inform the larger process.

Eventually the group will come to a tentative consensus and the idea will be tested for its validity and completeness.
More discernment will be necessary before the group feels it has heard what was needed and has been faithful in receiving what the Spirit offered.

Response and implementation will be the hoped for results of the discernment process.

Welcome everyone!

Thank you for visiting this blog!! The purpose for this blog is to provide guidance, support, knowledge and love to one another along our journey with Jesus. As we walk with Him, together, we will learn to see and feel the unveiling of “hidden truths” in a more uplifting, humbling, loving, positive way through teachings by Jesus that can and will help all of us “see with new eyes and hear with new ears” through sharing teaching by Jesus and His Disciples, all His Disciples. As many of us have learned, TRUTH unfolds to and for us as we progress within our spiritual journey in Walking With Jesus & Following Him as He leads us. The unveiling of TRUTH is a guarantee, a PROMISE TO US through Jesus’s teachings, particularly His LOST TEACHINGS. My prayer is that visitors & friends of ANY & ALL FAITHS will take a listen to this blog because it is about how to be A Different Christian in an inspiring, loving, compassionate way to ourselves and other. My greatest hope is that we all will feel empowered to go INTO THE WORLD AND LET OUR LIGHTS SHINE. Let YOUR LIGHT SHINE. For this was at the HEART of Jesus’s Purpose.